On a leisurely Sunday, you are sitting at your home like a couch potato zapping channels with the speed of light. What made you PAUSE? The XYZ channel which grabbed your flicking attention had something appealing- an interesting story, an eye-catching visual, the perfect sound effect that instantly made you look into it. Now, let us shift focus to mobile and think from its user’s perspective and find out what makes it tap in mobile advertising!

Mobile as a channel is way faster and happening when compared to other media. According to  a report by e-marketer, Mobile accounted for more than half of digital ad spending in 2016. A new report from Juniper Research indicates that mobile phone and tablet users will make 195 billion mobile commerce transactions annually by 2019.

Grabbing the attention of your audience and influencing them to click and take interest in your product is the only challenge that stands between you and your revenue. At MobiVisits, we make that click happen for our clients by adopting simple yet subtle methods. Interested in knowing how we do it? Cool! This post is just for you.

Introducing 5-easy ways to win your audience in the mobile regime_





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Know Your Audience:

What if I ask you to travel to Australia by your car and move from Sydney to Melbourne without using GPS or any kind of map? You may think I am mad! When you hesitate to travel without a plan, how can you run a successful advertising campaign without mapping your audience? The knowledge of audience’s need, interests, beliefs, mindset helps in selling the products more effectively. A thorough study of  target market helps to plan a campaign that results in higher CTR and conversions.

Mobile advertising will taste as sweet as a cupcake if audience analysis is done appropriately.Know my likes! show me what I like! Get likes! Child’s play only if you know how to use data.


Let your visuals work for you

It takes 4 key ingredients to make a mobile ad deliver performance for you.

  • A strong message                                      
  • An eye-catching illustration
  • A logo (or clear brand identification)      
  • A powerful “call-to-action”

An appealing message including images and illustrations  with promotion offers and discount coupons attract us all. Who fails to recognize a brand with a distinctive logo? An ad-copy featuring the hottest keywords, benefits of your product and USP can result in 3X more conversions. Use less words, to say more!

Time it for the Tap

Smoothen the purchasing trajectory of the consumer by timing your ads at the right moment of opportunity. With mobile comes speed and immediacy, right timing of your advertisement allows the consumer to interact with your brand in a conducive manner creating brand value and awareness. Features like frequency capping, day parting can be used to deliver the desirable impact.

KISS! Keep It Short and Simple

Remember! We are dealing with mobile screen, it is comparatively smaller. Too much complication in terms of content, design, graphics might deteriorate the user experience, if it is not mobile friendly. The message should be clear, crisp and candid. It is rude to force readers to read too much.


Use Complementary Ad-Formats

Mobile advertising allows you to use multiple ad-formats. Serve your users with the ad-formats which matches with your advertising goal and marketing strategy. Say for example- Use native advertising to share informative, user-relevant, industry specific content. If your product requires a demo, use a talking head video ad-format to engage your audience and simplify the explanation. Enhance in-ad engagement in rich media ads and encourage sign up by providing offers through creative concepts.


Marketing is still about observation and innovation. Learn from your mistakes, keep a close eye on your competitor’s strategies to adapt and improvise changes that leads to better results. How Nivea combined it’s  branding message with user relevant locator bracelet (Nivea case study) is a perfect  example of extraordinary usage of creativity with technical intelligence.

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”

                                                                                                                              – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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