The real edge in the space of mobile advertising comes from the ways you collect, analyze, optimize and execute the user data. We use the power of cloud computing, machine learning and big data to achieve the goal of high performance advertising campaigns.

Real Time Bidding

Our RTB algorithms are some of the best optimized algorithms in the advertising space. With years of hands on experience in performance driven marketing campaigns, we have built and refined them extensively to deliver you the performance you need, every time like a clock work. Our bidder knows exactly which impressions are worth your marketing buck and chooses only those. Its a perfect blend of first-party and raw data analysis layer built to serve the impression when it matters the most (at right time and place to the right user)!

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real time bidding algorithms

data management platform dmp mobivisits

Data Management Platform

Big Data storage, analysis and segmentation needs robust infrastructure and synchronization. Our DMP is highly scalable cloud based architecture that ensures accuracy for targeting correct impression at right time and optimizing each next impression by learning from the collected data. It uses complex machine learning algorithms and device performance from millions of data points. Let our data driven decisions change the way you buy media.

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Demand-Side Platform

Our state-of-art DSP gives you all the power you need to buy exactly what impression you need to buy and at what time. Unmatched targeting options and one-click audience buying lets you launch & manage your campaigns immediately without having to wait for someone. Our DSP platform is designed laser-target and deliver your ads within 50 milli seconds. Let it power your next campaign to see for yourself!

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real time data optimization mobivisits

Real Time Data Storage & Optimization

We understand the importance of data storage and the need to optimize and match it with other data signals in real time. Our technology is designed to evaluate and weigh each ad request in meaningful way that can increase the performance of campaigns in real-time. It ensures no data is lost and no ad request is responded without prior consideration on the related history we have acquired.

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Fraud Detection Cloud

Industry standard fraud detection services might not be all that’s required to combat today’s bot traffic and fraud in the real time advertising space. We have built proprietary Fraud Detection Cloud technology that can detect the traffic behavior far before its bought. It takes under consideration a huge history of performance and analysis on cloud to ensure that the traffic that’s delivered is of real human.

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Our Solid Technology Always Serves You Invisibly With:

self-serve platform

Self-Serve Platform

A robust self-serve platform to create and execute your media buy. Total & immediate control in your hands.

self-serve platform

High Quality Inventory

We only entertain high quality websites and apps which highly reduces the chances of bot traffic and fraud.

live reporting

Live Reporting

Our TrackBoard lets you measure the engagements and actions your audience take in real time! No delays!

media pricing


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