Have you ever lost your wallet? Imagine how would you feel, if you ever lose your precious wallet packed with money, debit-credit cards, important visiting cards and not to forget the very personal family photo. Pathetic ! Well, I didn’t intend to make you feel that way, but each day an outright theft happens with your digital ad-spend.It is unfair, unfortunate and deceptive but a reality!

A study conducted by the association of national advertisers (ANA) in cooperation with White Ops, a fraud detection company, found that bots cause somewhere up to 70% of all video ad impressions and up to 30 % of all display ad impressions. The study projects $7.2 billion was lost due to ad fraud in 2016.

As an advertiser, affiliate or an agency; honestly one cannot afford to waste digital dollars, but the intent of not wasting a single penny on nuisance invalid traffic must be justified with your actions. MobiVisits stands against ad-fraud. To fight the endemic loophole of the industry, we reveal some of the top secrets of combating mobile ad-fraud in 2017.

Ignorance is bliss but only for fools!

Once in mobile, nobody wants to make a fool of himself, the best way to fight fraud is to remain active and informed about the industry. Awareness is the key! There are certain guidelines to prevent web fraud, which are quite relevant for mobile industry too. Make sure that your media buying team is aware of these basics.The following are some good sources to gain great insights:



Use your JavaScript as your watchdog


How do you ensure the security of your home, when you are moving out? You use a lock, install security camera, burglar alarm then how can you take your campaign security for granted. Protect your digital investment using a piece of JavaScript, macros, URL parameters and different spy tools that will alert you if it sees any bot specific activity.


Look for the Clue: IPs and Performance Metrics

Data is intelligent, it speaks and shares the evidence of growth, performance and even fraud with you. Document your traffic analysis.Pay attention, if you see too many clicks, installs coming from the same IP, something is wrong.When analyzing installs, watch out for the empty fields for carrier, city or country.These are the red flags indicating you to take some action on your traffic by blacklisting such IP addresses.


A partner like MobiVisits which strictly adheres to industry guidelines is a perfect source to rely on. MobiVisits serves quality mobile traffic by running only non-incent inventory with transparency. We value our client’s money and protect it with our staunch algorithms and fraud protection cloud technology. We at MobiVisits believe that in a state of emergency, action is the best cure. Our fraud detection internal committee is doing great in earning the trust of our clients and retaining top-notch advertising brands with us by setting industry benchmarks. We are doing our part. Are you?

For more details about our DSP and latest updates on Ad-fraud, Industrial consultation, and updates, contact- support@mobivists.com

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