Are You Communicating with the Thumb Generation ?

Understanding Mobile Marketing with MobiVisits

Understanding Mobile Marketing with MobiVisits

The first thing my parents did when I was born; they posted my pictures on the social media. All of a sudden I was a star on Orkut, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram. The name of their family groups and friend groups changed to “ New-Baby Born”, “ Congratulations Eric”, on Hike, Whats App and We chat. Inside my cradle, I was under a holy shock; What the heck this thumb-ups sign means? Now when I am old to this so dynamic, digitally sound human society, I have realized that I was a child born to the Thumb generation parents!

Probably this could be the way, how our children will introduce their novels. Welcome to the world of mobile-first generation. In 2017, it is merely impossible to imagine life without smartphones, gadgets and a virtual identity. On an average people have 20 mobile apps installed on their phones. 96% of smartphone owners use their devices to get things done. 70 % of these population who bought something in a store first turned to their smart devices for information related to their purchase. As a marketer, if I am still not on mobile. Man! I am making a huge mistake.

It is easy to access customers at anytime, anywhere at any moment but here lies a massive opportunity to impress them and make money or to create a poor image by poor advertising. The question is what attracts this thumb generation audience? How to grab their attention? What drives sales on mobile?

To answer all such questions, here are some key points to be kept in mind before advertising to this like-follow-chat generation of the mobile-savvy world.

Innovation Begets Money:

Innovation is not only driving money, it is driving brand image, fame and loyalty. People are attracted to new ideas, new products, new methods of advertising. Native ads, Video ads ruled the market for long and are still having a huge market but advertising is totally redefined by vlogging, influence marketing and other new concepts such as virtual reality and near-field communication. Innovation attracts the audience and hence money.


Your Focus: Not Technology but Customer:

It is also about the way information is communicated. Almost all the smart marketers of the millennium are aware of the holistic view of a customer journey. They put their customer first. Understanding the intent and immediacy need of your audience and catering it in the right context results in better ROI from the digital marketing efforts. The thumb generation is curious and smart enough to do a lot of research before making purchase decisions. Thus focusing on their needs is still a key to good advertising.

Feed the Digital Hunger:

According to psychology today, 56 % of Americans who own a smartphone are having some form of mobile addiction. Data collected by a screen lock app say the average person unlocks his or her phone to check it 110 times a day. Some check it up to 900 times.

It sounds strange but it is even stranger if one fails to use this moment of opportunity to make an impact on the audience mind, a very powerful medium having a great potential to drive sales is left underutilized.

Key Takeaway:

It’s the age of “ Intellectual Advertising.” One needs to understand that at the end, effective marketing communication is all about connecting with people and influencing their behavior. Technology is an aid helping to accomplish this goal of making an impact on the human mind at the right moment of time.

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  • Can Mobile Advertising Help Brands Get Higher ROI ?

    The famous author of the books Buyology, Brand Sense and Brandwashed- Martin Lindstrom; conducted a study to explore the way a person’s brain responds to a brand v/s a religion. The findings of this study suggested that people’s brain activity when viewing brand imagery such as from Apple and Harley-Davidson is highly similar to the brain activity when viewing religious imagery. If done correctly, branding is the highest form of persuasion that can bring you and your audience together in a very powerful way.


    The question is can mobile be the right choice of medium for branding? How can I enhance my brand value using mobile marketing? Is mobile advertising a perfect knack to match up with my branding strategy? To find out the answers for all these questions, firstly we need to explore how mobile advertising is different.

    The novelty of mobile advertising makes it crucial for brands to explore and experiment it at this moment. In a world which is mobile-first, it is quite obvious that the brands that are moving to mobile marketing will not only have first mover advantage but also have a niche of loyal followers prior to their competitors.

    Mobile advertising is highly personal and one on one way of communicating. With features like dynamic creative optimisation, re-targeting, data-driven decision making mobile ads have a huge potential to build your brand image and create awareness. Not convinced yet? Explore these ideas:

    Emotional Appeal Using Mobile:


    Yahoo has found that mobile ads achieve a more emotional response than traditional television spots. When it comes to branding, every marketers aims at touching the hearts and minds of their audience. Thus mobile provides you an appropriate channel to connect on a personal level with your audience and generate a long term value customer-pool.


    Precision in Targeting:

    Mobile campaigns are served at the liberty of the advertisers, if you are managing your campaign using a self-serve platform like MobiVisits, you are not dependent on external variables unlike as in traditional media. Mobile advertising is performance driven, directed to relevant set of audience. Let’s understand this with an example: if you are selling a cosmetic product specific to women, while using a traditional media you cannot direct your ads specifically to women population but the same is indeed possible in mobile, when the DSP serves you with the feature of gender-based targeting. With mobile, advertising is like SUGAR i.e. simple, understandable, goal-oriented, appropriate and relevant.


    Worldwide Reach and High Scalability:

    Mobile campaigns allow you to target your audience segment worldwide. With more and more number of people shifting to smartphones, the mobile inventory is increasing by leaps and bounds every year. The easiest and most affordable way to target 2.5 billion of U.S. population is by buying mobile inventory.


    Brand recognition and higher recall using Branding campaigns:

    Female store cell phone close-up trolley caddy sms message

    Female store cell phone close-up trolley caddy sms message

    Mobile marketing is a cost-efficient way of creating brand awareness. While it ensures that people viewed your ad-impressions, it is comparatively less expensive than any other traditional media. By effective usage of frequency capping feature, a brand can decide on how many times they want their ads to be visible.

    Final Note:

    “A brand is a reason to choose.”   – Cheryl Burgess

    Branding is about telling your story, mobile provides an opportunity to marketers to re-frame their story as per the perspective of each customer. It serves as a peerless opportunity to connect, relate and engage with audience. User engagement and positive image management are proven ways of enhancing sales, revenues and ROI. Undoubtedly mobile advertising has a deep impact on every stage of purchase-funnel. If you have a long term strategy, Mobile marketing needs to be a must part of your marketing mix.

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