Combating Ad-Fraud In Mobile Programmatic in 2017

Have you ever lost your wallet? Imagine how would you feel, if you ever lose your precious wallet packed with money, debit-credit cards, important visiting cards and not to forget the very personal family photo. Pathetic ! Well, I didn’t intend to make you feel that way, but each day an outright theft happens with your digital ad-spend.It is unfair, unfortunate and deceptive but a reality!

A study conducted by the association of national advertisers (ANA) in cooperation with White Ops, a fraud detection company, found that bots cause somewhere up to 70% of all video ad impressions and up to 30 % of all display ad impressions. The study projects $7.2 billion was lost due to ad fraud in 2016.

As an advertiser, affiliate or an agency; honestly one cannot afford to waste digital dollars, but the intent of not wasting a single penny on nuisance invalid traffic must be justified with your actions. MobiVisits stands against ad-fraud. To fight the endemic loophole of the industry, we reveal some of the top secrets of combating mobile ad-fraud in 2017.

Ignorance is bliss but only for fools!

Once in mobile, nobody wants to make a fool of himself, the best way to fight fraud is to remain active and informed about the industry. Awareness is the key! There are certain guidelines to prevent web fraud, which are quite relevant for mobile industry too. Make sure that your media buying team is aware of these basics.The following are some good sources to gain great insights:



Use your JavaScript as your watchdog


How do you ensure the security of your home, when you are moving out? You use a lock, install security camera, burglar alarm then how can you take your campaign security for granted. Protect your digital investment using a piece of JavaScript, macros, URL parameters and different spy tools that will alert you if it sees any bot specific activity.


Look for the Clue: IPs and Performance Metrics

Data is intelligent, it speaks and shares the evidence of growth, performance and even fraud with you. Document your traffic analysis.Pay attention, if you see too many clicks, installs coming from the same IP, something is wrong.When analyzing installs, watch out for the empty fields for carrier, city or country.These are the red flags indicating you to take some action on your traffic by blacklisting such IP addresses.


A partner like MobiVisits which strictly adheres to industry guidelines is a perfect source to rely on. MobiVisits serves quality mobile traffic by running only non-incent inventory with transparency. We value our client’s money and protect it with our staunch algorithms and fraud protection cloud technology. We at MobiVisits believe that in a state of emergency, action is the best cure. Our fraud detection internal committee is doing great in earning the trust of our clients and retaining top-notch advertising brands with us by setting industry benchmarks. We are doing our part. Are you?

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Are You Communicating with the Thumb Generation ?

The first thing my parents did when I was born; they posted my pictures on the social media. All of a sudden I was a star on Orkut, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram. The name of their family groups and friend groups changed to “ New-Baby Born”, “ Congratulations Eric”, on Hike, Whats App and We chat. Inside my cradle, I was under a holy shock; What the heck this thumb-ups sign means? Now when I am old to this so dynamic, digitally sound human society, I have realized that I was a child born to the Thumb generation parents!


Probably this could be the way, how our children will introduce their novels. Welcome to the world of mobile-first generation. In 2017, it is merely impossible to imagine life without smartphones, gadgets and a virtual identity. On an average people have 20 mobile apps installed on their phones. 96% of smartphone owners use their devices to get things done. 70 % of these population who bought something in a store first turned to their smart devices for information related to their purchase. As a marketer, if I am still not on mobile. Man! I am making a huge mistake.


It is easy to access customers at anytime, anywhere at any moment but here lies a massive opportunity to impress them and make money or to create a poor image by poor advertising. The question is what attracts this thumb generation audience? How to grab their attention? What drives sales on mobile?

To answer all such questions, here are some key points to be kept in mind before advertising to this like-follow-chat generation of the mobile-savvy world.

Innovation Begets Money:

Innovation is not only driving money, it is driving brand image, fame and loyalty. People are attracted to new ideas, new products, new methods of advertising. Native ads, Video ads ruled the market for long and are still having a huge market but advertising is totally redefined by vlogging, influence marketing and other new concepts such as virtual reality and near-field communication. Innovation attracts the audience and hence money.


Your Focus: Not Technology but Customer:

It is also about the way information is communicated. Almost all the smart marketers of the millennium are aware of the holistic view of a customer journey. They put their customer first. Understanding the intent and immediacy need of your audience and catering it in the right context results in better ROI from the digital marketing efforts. The thumb generation is curious and smart enough to do a lot of research before making purchase decisions. Thus focusing on their needs is still a key to good advertising.


Feed the Digital Hunger:

According to psychology today, 56 % of Americans who own a smartphone are having some form of mobile addiction. Data collected by a screen lock app say the average person unlocks his or her phone to check it 110 times a day. Some check it up to 900 times.

It sounds strange but it is even stranger if one fails to use this moment of opportunity to make an impact on the audience mind, a very powerful medium having a great potential to drive sales is left underutilized.


Key Takeaway:

It’s the age of “ Intellectual Advertising.” One needs to understand that at the end, effective marketing communication is all about connecting with people and influencing their behavior. Technology is an aid helping to accomplish this goal of making an impact on the human mind at the right moment of time.

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