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Mobivisits DSP

Rely on our robust Technology to connect precisely with the ideal audience segment. 

One can benefit from a wide range of targeting options with our platform. audience segment.

Extensive Targeting Option

Geo Targeting

Deliver Advertisements as per the geographic location of User. 193+ Countries to target.

Demographic Targeting

Use age, gender, location to specify your market

WAP/ In-App Traffic

Buy Mobile Browser traffic or choose In-app advertising or both

Carrier/ Wi-Fi Targeting

Filter the audience niche further with carrier,wifi targeting

OS Targeting

Some offers convert great for iOS some for Android.

Choose your OS and OS versions iOS 11, iOS 9, 9.3, KitKat 4.4 and so on

Device Targeting

Don’t just settle for OS, go ahead with model level targeting-

iPhoneX, iPhone 7, iPhone8 & many more

Day Parting

Reach & Engage the target audience at peak hours of their availability.

Schedule & Time your campaigns for moment marketing

Frequency Capping

Repetition is a classic advertising technique.

Set the frequency of your mobile ad as per your campaign strategy.

• Geo Targeting
• Demographic Targeting
• WAP/ In-App Traffic
• Carrier/ Wi-Fi Targeting
• OS Targeting
• Device Targeting
• Day Parting
• Frequency Capping

Stop Disappointing Your App with Poor Monetization!

Scale up User Acquisition with Our Sturdy Technology

Trusted by Leaders. We are Known for Hitting the KPIs !

User Acquisition

Our quality Marketplace with wide mobile reach drive superior monetization. Whether your aim is virality, sales, leads, installs or LTV users, we deliver everything like a mobile programmatic whizz.

Simple Integration

Smooth SDks integration scales up access to quality users

User Engagement

Be Contagious. Connect, Engage and Interact with your audience with our strategic solutions. Win out with innovation, creativity and cool ad formats.Furnish actual performance with genuine traffic.

Flexible Mediation

Helps you work with the partner of your choice

Let Data, Creativity & Technology Drive Your Success!

MobiVisits Intello

Data-driven decisions & marketing is the heartbeat of digital ecosystem.

Access our first party data and plan a campaign with an integrated marketing mix.


Personalise user experience & connect with your customer to build customer loyalty. Rich and engaging ad formats delivering results.

Worldwide Reach

Our platform serves 1.4 billion Impressions/day in 195 countries of the world. Get access to 31 billion of ad-inventory. Explore the power of global reach

Fraud Protection Technology

Unbeatable set of high-tech anti-fraud tools to ensure Brand safe ambience. Let our algorithms protect every dollar of your budget with staunch computation.

Performance Tracking

Our system allows third party integration. Use pixel to pixel tracking & measure your campaign success with precision.

Granular Reports & Analytics

We offer real time statistics and daily campaign reports that help you to optimize your campaign, set budget limits, put new strategies and get the desired performance.

Traffic- BlackListing/ Whitelisting

Don’t waste your advertising budget. Whitelist converting traffic sources and blacklist those that deliver no results.

programmatic Advertising

Our Services will set you free from the complexity of automated media buying. We offer an all inclusive programmatic buying solutions.

Real-Time Bidding

Bid on quality impressions at open marketplace

Private Marketplace

Buy guaranteed impressions at invite only marketplace

Premium Inventory

Avail highly valuable impressions from our direct publisher’s pool

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