Keep watching and the time flies but festive shopping during Christmas season goes on.

With the advent of digitization, more and more consumers prefer online shopping. M-commerce is ruling the regime. According to eMarketer, retail m-commerce will account for one-third of total e-commerce in the US this year, and this share is expected to grow rapidly—surpassing 50% by 2021. Reports from previous years confirm that purchasing via mobile is the latest trend.

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At MobiVisits, we tried to gather insights into consumer buying habits on mobile that can be significant for your Business and revenues.

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While the reports from eMarketer explore the reason why mobile app users use M-commerce apps, the patterns revealed about consumer buying behaviour during the holidays by Google are astonishing.


  • The Liberal Suppershoppers are not Brand Freak: While 76% of mobile shoppers changed their mind about their choice of brand after a google search, 50% of them are open to the new retailers.

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  • Mobile is the first window shopping Destination: 64% of mobile shoppers search on mobile for ideas before heading to buy in stores. Undoubtedly Smartphones are the first choice of users owing to the convenience and user experience they deliver.   


Image Source: Internet
Image Source: Internet



  • Q4 Reports High Time Shopping: According to a report published in Statista maximum consumers begin shopping during November, that prevails till first two weeks of December. The conversion rates jump to 30% on Black Friday when compared to CR on November 1.  


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How To Exploit The Opportunity?

The big question is how to cook a golden bread from these consumer behaviour patterns, here is the recipe, here are some key takeaways.

  • Go Mobile With Mobile Ads to Drive Revenue: Smartphone shoppers spend 66% more than shoppers who buy from stores. If you are not advertising on mobile yet, you are missing out a huge marketplace.

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  • Engage the Audience with Moment Marketing: Personalisation is an influential weapon for mobile marketers. Customize the user experience using engaging ad formats such as rich-media ads, interstitials and influence the need and urge of shopping by showcasing the right ads at the right time to the right person.
  • Adopt a Strategic Approach to Compete: The good news is the open mindset of Mobile Users, who take interest in buying from a new Brand and products. These opportunities can be used to earn more dollars by combining technology with innovation. Precise targeting, campaign optimization, frequency capping, day parting are some of the most significant features that deliver tremendous results on our platform.

Let us break another good news, enhancing sales, generating performance, making better revenues and capturing the target audience is a piece of cake when MobiVisits is your Santa! With our user-friendly self-serve platform that offers all the essential, intelligent and differentiating features that advertisers need; even an amateur can drive sales like a pro.

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